🔥 Update Wix collection from Google Sheet

Hey Guys!

I am Jérôme from Belgium :man_supervillain:
I have a scenario which should update a wix collection (DataBase) from a google Sheet

  1. trigger: google sheet watch new rows :white_check_mark:
    a. connection works
    b. select my sheet and get the data works like a charme ! :slight_smile: :champagne:

  2. update: wix collection :rotating_light:
    a. connection “seems to work” - see printscreens below :point_down:
    b. impossible to retrieve the collection

any idea what I am doing wrong ?


The error clearly says that the Third Party App is not installed on Wix hence it is not getting connected.

So, as a workaround,

  1. Remove the existing connection and set it up from scratch again.

  2. Follow the guidance in this document to learn how to add TPA on your site.
    Adding an App to Your Site | Help Center | Wix.com

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