Wix integration (with google sheets)

I am new to the platform and I see modules that are intended to connect (sheets) to Wix (store collections). The Make instructions reference Wix apps that I cannot locate and there are fields in the Make modules (App ID and App Secret) that are also not referenced anywhere.

I’m happy to spend some time to try and set things up, but worried maybe this isn’t something that is working.

Can anyone please let me know if you have experience with this product?

Thanks, Nathan

Looks like I need to make an app at dev.wix which I did, but I don’t think the instructions are up to date. If anyone has done this, I’d appreciate a hand.

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So I’m also having issues with this. I’ve gotten as far as making an app and connecting it to my site. the app is in draft form within dev.wix.com which I think just indicates that I haven’t published it to the Wix app marketplace that shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve generated the API secret for the app and added that to my Make connection and even set up the web hook In the app. However, it is still not getting Wix contacts.

The Watch Forms Wix module in Make seems to get some kind of sample payload:

That’s not even a test submission I did as it’s from 2019 & I always use “Testy McTest” not “John Doe” in my test submissions.
But the next module, Get a Contact, gives a 403 error, so I’m not even sure the connection to Wix is working: