Updating a excel list on dropbox

Hi there, new to Make.
I’m struggling to get an Excel file updated, which is a combination of manually entry and automated entry.
The file is an Excel table with information on documents in Dropbox.
As soon a file is uploaded, I like to add a row to this Excel table with all common data of this file.
The file itself is also on Dropbox.
As far I can find, its impossible to select an Excel file in Dropbox to add rows to a table. In addition, I cannot find the file URL to add a clickable link to the table.

I’m now looking at a data store to build the table, and then update the data from the excel to the datastore, to secure manual entries, and then add the automated rows with new information, and finally write all back to an Excel file. Which have to be on OneDrive. Successively it can be copied to Dropbox?

    1. Copy Excel file from Dropbox to OneDrive (Secure latest manual entries)
  1. To handle double files and advanced filtering, write everything to datastore.
  2. Check for new files in Dropbox and write those to datastore.
  3. Update the Excel file
  4. upload the Excel file back to Dropbox.

Can this be simplified?

All the help is welcome of course.

Cheers Christiaan

Hi, if I understand right to your description then the scenario should be this way: