Updating an EMPTY cell from Airtable to google sheet

I am updating from AIRTABLE to GOOGLE SHEET, a Master Class List of Students for my teacher.

  • I look at the MODIFIED field in AIRTABLE
  • I search the row using the matched student ID in Google Sheet
  • I update ALL the fields from the AIRTABLE row to the GOOGLE SHEET row.

It works perfectly except for the EMPTY cell. For example, for student X I check in Airtable the checkbox for Learning Support, the box is checked in Google Sheets. But suppose I uncheck for student Y in Airtable the checkbox for Learning support. In that case, the Google sheet is not updated (the cell being unchecked in Airtable it looked empty for Make, and it does not push this “empty” information to google Sheet).
This is problematic as in order to fix this issue, I need for each column in Airtable to create an extra actions in make using a filter “IF CELL EMPTY IN AIRTABLE THEN CLEAR A CELL IN GOOGLE SHEET”.
Is there another way to do this?

Hi there.

Would it be possible to share some screenshots of your setup and modules’ settings to get more context?

What do the modules’ outputs look like for both mentioned cases? I think the “switch” function could help here. But I’m just guessing as I don’t have any real info.