Updating Woocmmerce products


We are automating our woocommerce store and would like to update the stock level of the products with the help of a a csv file that is stored in our OneDrive.
To do so, we watch the OneDrive folder for an updated stock-level-file, download the updated file, parse the csv from the file and batch update woocommerce products.

The input seems correct, but the output gives an error:
code: woocommerce_rest_product_invalid_id
message: invalid ID

To test, we have added a woocommerce get product module to update the products with the data from woocommerce itself but we get the same error.

Anyone has an idea how to solve this issue?

Thank you in advance.

We are having the same problem :thinking:

Hi @Roger_Kaufmann,

I have a similar issue. Did you find a solution ?


If anyone here wants to submit a support brief, I can have our ecom integration team investigate or we can schedule a live support session to solve.

Let me know!

Hello there @Alistair_Flowmondo thanks a lot for stepping in so readily to lend a hand to the community :pray:

If you do end up jumping on a call to chat about this, could you please circle back to this thread and share your findings with the rest of the users? You see, our community thrives on sharing knowledge publicly, ensuring that it’s accessible for everyone’s benefit.

Thanks a lot :raised_hands:


Hello everybody

As I did not have time to work on this project I only get back to you now.
With the following scenario, I don’t have any problems anymore.

I am not sure if there was an update in the modules or what the reason for the scenarion working sudeenly is.

If I can help you with any information, please feel free to ask.

Best regards


Hello @Roger_Kaufmann :blob_wave:

Thanks a lot for jumping back in here to let us know that all is up and running for you! That’s truly great to hear. Also, thanks for offering to share extra info with folks who might potentially need it. The community 100% appreciates that :pray: