Upload filled Word template to Sharepoint as a PDF

Hello everybody

I have successfully filled a Word template with data from Airtable and managed also to upload this Word file to Sharepoint.

For bringing the same document as a PDF to Sharepoint I downloaded the Word file again, converted it to a PDF and uploaded it to Sharepoint. The file exists, but unfortunately it has a random name:


When down- or uploading the PDF, I cannot edit a file name.

Can anybody help me with this?


Welcome to the Make Community, Lukas!

When you are specifying the file upload in a Make app module, there is a map toggle that you can click which will bring up a mapping interface that allows you to specify the file name and the data. You can map that from other variables or hard code some value for the file name. The name is not random but rather is being generated by one of your existing modules.

Look in your Sharepoint app when uploading the file for this map toggle near the file name section.

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