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I tried to create an image upload automation system on wordpress, everything works perfectly until I noticed that if the photo already exists with the filename, the create plugin item make does not change the name of the photo to filename-1.jpg, filename-2.jpg, filename-3.jpg…
Which creates a conflict between files that have the same name, anyone have an idea?


Check to see if image exists with file name first and rename it before upload if it does.

Yes but how i do this automaticly and tell it to rename the text and add a number after 1,2,3,4…? Because I can have an infinity of photos withe the same name it can be for example image number 13 (filename-13.jpg)

You can use variables to set the name and create a numeric counter. If you’d like some hands on help…

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Hello sorry for the late answer, I already tried to set the increment function, but it doesn’t work for me because on WordPress it is possible that there is already an image that has been added several times like this (img.jpg-1-3) so if I set after one cycle and scenario run it don’t remember how many images exist with that name :confused:

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Someone can help me ? I’m blocked since 1 month with this :sweat_smile:

I know it has been a while on this one, but one thought I had was just to add the current timestamp to the image filename so it is always unique.


Hello ! Sure its a good idea thank you :sweat_smile: !

I’d suggest posting this as a new Topic - it won’t get the right attention as a comment.

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