Upload Midjourney Image to aiTable.ai

Hello everyone,
I have the following problem:

I want to upload images generated by midjourney to aitable.ai.

I have 4 bundles available, each with 4 URLs:
value = https://cdn.midjourney.com/4711/0_0.png

The documentation of aiTable.ai says the following about the upload

Now I would like to upload the images with an http-request module.

Has anyone of you ever done something like this or can give me a tip on how to implement this part -F ‘file=@/Users/coco/Documents/3.jpg’ in the request module?

Thank you very much!

Hey @WDGrimm - Yes I’ve done something like this before! Basically, what you need to do is download those images (using the make http module see below), then pass those in to the file field that you have in your http request that you’ve referenced in your post. You may need to play around with the formatting a little bit of the key field, but it should work after some trial and error.

If you run into any issues with that feel free to comment back here and I’ll see what we can to get this all working!


Perfekt! That´s it. Thanks for supporting on saturday evening!!


No problem, always happy to help!