upload photos to facebook group from external sources

I want to upload photos to facebook group from external sources.
I have all photos URLs stored in a google sheet.
how to set the Facebook Groups module?


Hey @Yud_Koren

you need to do a ‘http’ get a file module to get the raw data from your photo urls. And then map it to the facebook groups module. You must be an owner of the group and allow access for MAKE to post to your group. This link here describes the process: Facebook Groups

However the ‘more’ button seems to have changed in the facebook ui.
The place to add make app is in the group settings at the bottom of the page under ’ Manage advanced settings’ there is an option for ‘apps’ select this and add the make app.

hopefully that helps,

Best of luck!


How I add text to every photo uploaded?
I have all the texts in a google sheet.

How can I combine the file from the HTTP module with the text from the Google Sheets module into the Facebook Group Upload Photo module?

Got it

Thank you very much