Upload Pictures From Bubble And Push Into SalesForce

Hey everyone,

I am new to Make and I am finding it challenging to upload pictures from Bubble and then download them into SalesForce to the related to the record I just created.

I am not quite sure how else to explain it further. I am not sure if it is possible. Im looking forward to seeing some of the communities suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Carson_Blaauw ,

For better understanding, can you please share with me the desired workflow that you’re trying to build and also what were the challenges? Can you please send me some screenshots as to which part of the module/Scenario are you having issues with?


Hey @Jogger_Meister ,

Thanks for responding

Please see my workflow below,

In detail this is what the first 3 modules is doing:

  1. Webhook of the unique ID for every new record (Customer Order) that is created in Bubble
  2. Get the information of that Unique ID from Bubble
  3. Create a record in SalesForce mapped to the fields from Bubble module in step 2

The Challenge I am facing:

  1. In bubble I have saved the image to a field of the record. However that image is saved in the file manager of Bubble and the hyperlink of that image is saved in the field (If that makes sense).
  2. Now when I want to upload that image into SalesForce in the 3rd module, I am only able to map a hyperlink to that image but I am not able to upload the file to that record in SF.

Let me know if I should clarify anything further?