Send data from Bubble to Make (ex-Integromat) and vice-versa

Hi everyone,

I’m working on an integration project using to automate data transfers between Bubble and Microsoft 365 Excel. The goal is to fetch newly created or updated entries from signup forms in Bubble, update our client database in Excel, and then generate and return documents to Bubble for client access.

Here’s the workflow I’m aiming to establish:

  1. Retrieve newly created or modified data from Bubble signup forms.
  2. Update client records in an Excel database on Microsoft 365.
  3. Generate new documents based on the data from completed forms.
  4. Send these documents back to Bubble to display to clients.

I have been using the “Watch new data thing” and “Get data thing” modules on to pull attribute values from Bubble’s data types, but I’m facing difficulties in proceeding further.
It seems like it might better to switch to Webhooks but I wonder how I could use the modules designed by make and bubble

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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The whole scenario looks like this :

Hey @Iliasdk Welcome to the Make Community :tada::tada:

I see you have the scenario set up, so is there something not working? maybe with the ‘Watch Data things’ module? can you provide some more details?

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Indeed the Watch data thing from Bubble isn’t working so I decided to make a Webhook instead.
For the last part of the scenario I am also figuring out how to send data back to bubble, I think I will use an HTML module to make an API call.
Unfortunately, I had to switch strategy even if I wanted to use only Bubble modules, so if anyone has a solution using only bubble modules on make would love to know that!