Uploading a SellerCloud API response content as JSON into S3

I am trying to upload the content from a SellerCloud API call module response as a JSON into AWS S3.
However, for some reason, I cannot transform the API response content into a proper JSON, since my Create JSON module only reads the first line of the API response.

Any thoughts?

Hey @jmescobar_mpctools ,

you are facing a typical challenge: the iterator. https://www.make.com/en/help/modules/iterator
To me it seems like the JSON you retrieve contains multiple items (an array). In order to go through each item of the array, you’ll need to use the Iterator and then use the JSON aggregator module.

This way you JSON should contain all items :slight_smile:


Many thanks, Richard.
Still one last thing: I’ve seen that the module SellerCloud API call only get 10 records in its response. Is it possible to change that limit? I don’t see any options in the module features.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:
Usually there is a querystring „limit“ but you’ll need to checkout their api documentation.

I guess the default value is simply 10. I’d try to simply add „limit“ as a query string (in the module) and then 100 as a value