Uploading documents to a Trello card

I’m very new and novice so I apologize if I’m asking an easy question

My goal is to take a number of attachments from a table in Airtable, create a Trello card, and then add the attachments to the Trello card.

My mapping shows the creation of my Trello card then searching for specific records in Airtable. The subsequent Trello modules are add attachment modules.

In many cases not all attachments will be present.

Every time an attachment is not present that module returns an error.

What do I need to do to ignore the modules that don’t have a file and allow the process to continue?

The Ignore tool doesn’t seem to let the process continue
A router with filters seems too complex as I would need to set up too many filter scenarios?

Right click on that module
you will see an option to add error handler
click om it
and select ignore
this ignores the error for you

That doesn’t seem to totally do the trick. It doesn’t register as an error but it also does not allow the process to continue on?