Uploading random amount of photo's as attachment in Airtable

Hey everyone!

So I have been working my brain for the last 2 days to fix my ongoing struggle:

I created an automation that puts incoming requests (that i receive over the email) in my airtable base. I first let it check for duplicate clients and then split up the scenario in 2:

  1. Existing clients: Here I simply add a new record in the ‘New request’ table and fill in all the info that i parsed from my email
  2. New clients: Here I first create a record in my client base table and then let it create a record in the new request table.

There only is 1 problem now that I can’t seem to solve: I receive a random amount of pictures in the email as links, so i have a text that has links that link to pictures that my potential clients uploaded in a request form. What I want to do is be able to automatically put those links as pictures in an attachment field in my base. I’ve tried multiple thing including arrays to itterators to json creations and all that, but since im not well known with those functions, i have no idea how to properly set it up. Is there anyone that can help me with this problem?

Update: I fixed it. It was way easier than I thought it was. I was messing around with set variables and all but all i had to do was to set a target structure type and not use the custom one.

I simply just had to move the array to the mapped attachment field and put it after creation of the record to avoid using the multiple bundles as creations.

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