Use Data from other routes

Hi all,

I have a general question. How can I use the data from e.g. my first route in my last route?

For example in this screen shot, i want to use the data from easybill module (route 1) in my Slack message (route 3).

In the full scenario, there around 10 more modules in route 1 & 2. The Data from this route, I want to post in Slack, in one Message.

I thought, data will be availbale from route 1 in route 2 or 3. But it seems, that this is not how it works, right?

Or is this, the one and only solution?

What you want to do is use Tools > Set Variables/Multiple Variables Modules in the prior routes and then use Get Variables/Get Variables Modules in route that you want to access those values.

Edit, Something like this should work,

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Okay, i tried this. So there is no other solution, right?

You can also use datastore for this but it will be an overkill for this specific purpose.

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Not the exact usecase but you will find options listed here as workaround,*xtf9lf*_ga*NTA0NzUxMTY3LjE2NzU1OTI0NTE.*_ga_MY0CJTCDSF*MTY4NjU3MzQ4NC4yMTcuMS4xNjg2NTc0MTUxLjE1LjAuMA

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Heya @guuyef :wave:

just wanted to step in and ask whether you tried @Runcorn’s suggestion and fixed the struggle.

If yes could you mark it as a solution for others to find it? It makes our community neat and clean. Thank you very much!

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