Use iterator to store multiple line elements in google docs

I am obtaining my data from Glide. One of my values comes in the form of an array

I am using the iterator and the values look like this:

Now, I have a template on google doc that I am filling with many other variables I’m obtaining. The document looks like this:

However, I have this section that I want to store with the values from the array:

yet I don’t know how to do it. I tried using the iterator but instead it gave me a different document for each of the elements of the array, I just want to add them line by line.

Using an Iterator means they will be split up into different bundles and will run subsequent modules once each, which you’ve described that you don’t want multiple documents.

You basically need to use the get function instead.

For more information on how to map things within an array, see mapping with arrays below:

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