Use Notion page content with formatting as email body

Hi everyone! I am stuck on this issue:

I am trying to fetch the content of a specific Notion page and use it as the body of an email. I have been able to achieve this with plain text from a Notion page but not including formatting. (A workaround is to write the Notion page with html formatting but that’s not really user friendly)

Is there a way I can get text with formatting (such as bold, underline, links and bullet lists) from Notion and use it in an email?

Are the text all in one block on a particular Notion page?

The text is in multiple blocks. The setup needs to support a flexible number of blocks.

I have two related databases in Notion: recipients and emails. I write bulk emails in the emails database and chose which recipients should receive it. When triggering a webhook the scenario in Make is started. The email body should be fetched from the content in the emails database and sent to the related recipients.