How to get full Notion page content?

This topic has been discussed many times but nothing really make this work.
I’m trying to connect my Notion to my website, therefore I need to get my Notion page content as Markdown.
The notion API lets you get the page content but by blocks and not as a ready markdown to use or send anywhere.

Either way is okay:

  1. Combining the blocks somehow to get the full text, formatted of course.
  2. Any walkaround with the Notion API to get it.

I’ve tried using different methods but nothing works.
It seems like this topic has a solution but I couldn’t make it work properly.
I also found this GitHub repository but I don’t really know how to implement this on my scenario.

Any help will be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yeah we shouldn’t work with notion just because of this. Every single thing is a separate block, including formatting.

Furthermore, it doesn’t scale well with Make because you need to Iterate child blocks which uses operations fast.

It is a pita to insert, and then later when you want to extract/export. Try not to get locked into their ecosystem when you could be using something more suitable like Google Docs or Sheets.

I could get either the headings or the paragraphs pulled from the page by using. a text aggregator but not both at the same time. Maybe someone else could take you the rest of the way.