Getting notion page content


I would like to create a scenario where I can retrieve the content of a page from Notion, not just the properties in the database. I understand that the content consists of a row of child blocks, but I have been unable to get this to work.

Some help, please?

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You can try to use the “list page contents” module to retrieve the content of a page from Notion


I’ve already tried it that way, but I can’t “see” the content in the response, and I don’t know what “limit 10” means.

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Welcome to the Make community!

Could you please provide the input/output bundles of the modules by running the scenario, then clicking the bubble on the top-right of each module, taking screenshots of, and copying the contents into a code block, or upload the json file into this discussion thread:


This will allow others to better assist you. Thanks!


For sure!

Here you aren

[ { "object": "block", "id": "6e33ccc6-6f45-4c52-ad1c-dfbcbd3c822e", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": true, "archived": false, "type": "synced_block", "synced_block": { "synced_from": { "type": "block_id", "block_id": "6f758e04-3ad8-41d9-b2b3-b3e8e0f8940d" } }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 1 }, { "object": "block", "id": "b8823915-bc8b-449a-aa6c-2983aa2cb5ec", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": false, "archived": false, "type": "paragraph", "paragraph": { "rich_text": [], "color": "default" }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 2 }, { "object": "block", "id": "dc7ff7bc-60d6-4776-8bbe-39ae1221ee6c", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": true, "archived": false, "type": "column_list", "column_list": {}, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 3 }, { "object": "block", "id": "3c322329-200b-41bf-8573-068c3d9f30b3", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": true, "archived": false, "type": "synced_block", "synced_block": { "synced_from": { "type": "block_id", "block_id": "30c658c3-dd2d-4014-9d4c-1013b7b0f27c" } }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 4 }, { "object": "block", "id": "687ca1d1-e304-48ff-abea-c109250aa5ef", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": false, "archived": false, "type": "child_database", "child_database": { "title": "" }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 5 }, { "object": "block", "id": "456270c9-1102-4419-aa6c-d2497a30c709", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": true, "archived": false, "type": "synced_block", "synced_block": { "synced_from": { "type": "block_id", "block_id": "70115545-1183-457b-b4e0-958912449970" } }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 6 }, { "object": "block", "id": "6aa8bead-965a-4b50-af20-639d2ef23c59", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": true, "archived": false, "type": "synced_block", "synced_block": { "synced_from": { "type": "block_id", "block_id": "0161101f-48b1-4a5b-9a81-68f2b931254d" } }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 7 }, { "object": "block", "id": "00477121-4fac-4360-8b49-9135c4ca4f45", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": false, "archived": false, "type": "child_database", "child_database": { "title": "" }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 8 }, { "object": "block", "id": "34638ccc-6012-484c-84c0-892d22f19b82", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": false, "archived": false, "type": "paragraph", "paragraph": { "rich_text": [], "color": "default" }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 9 }, { "object": "block", "id": "be3ff334-58a4-465c-a49b-6888fba199f4", "parent": { "type": "page_id", "page_id": "36dc39d3-0054-4ff8-b6a4-f3f8d3b8a416" }, "created_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "last_edited_time": "2023-09-19T23:48:00.000Z", "created_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "last_edited_by": { "object": "user", "id": "266eb597-a897-42aa-98ce-3781cd66b47c" }, "has_children": false, "archived": false, "type": "paragraph", "paragraph": { "rich_text": [], "color": "default" }, "__IMTLENGTH__": 10, "__IMTINDEX__": 10 } ]

Limit 10 refers to the number of blocks within the page to retrieve. In the Page ID, you need to insert the Notion parent Page ID, not the {{Page Content ID}}


Many thanks,
i tried this

but i get this

What i´m doing wrong?

Using this works

but i do not get the page content, just the properties.

Why is the trigger “Get a page content”? If you’re attempting to get content from database pages, you may use “Search objects” (or “Watch database items”) as the trigger, and then pass the {{pageID}} from the trigger to the “List page contents” module


Hi Simo,

I tried this

but the problem si the same…

I cannot get all the blocks in a page to treat them ( images, text, custom html, etc…)

I attach the blueprint here.

Many thanks for your support

blueprint (3).json (177.8 KB)

Now i tried this, but the problem is always the same. I get all properties for the page, but i can´t get all the blocks inside the page, to treat them

i attach the blueprint
blueprint (5).json (210.6 KB)

Ah strange - so, if you click on the bubble with “10” you don’t see the blocks on your page triggered from the “Search objects” module?

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i got the same problem as @joseph777
i gives me the output as bundles (see image) . i can identify some contents under plain text nested inside paragraph.
Do i need next an “Array Aggregator” to combine the bundles? Maybe this will work for @joseph777 too

No, I’ve been facing this problem since the beginning.

Did you setup you connection on the database? you have to set up a token in the developer settings to give the permissions. After that you have to set the Connection to the Token inside the database

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Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t connect and pull the property data, right?

probably yes.

can you make a screenshot of what you get when clicking on the 10?

I get with search object by edited time, and with limit = 1

this is ok, i get the correct page id as you can see in the arrow.
all properties are there…

but not the content inside the page, with sync blocks, template, content, etc…

In the second column, it makes sense as parent is the page id, so it seems that blocks are child, but only 10, and i added limit 1000
all paragraphs are empty.

i am trying directly with the API

but it is always 10 bundle maximum.