Grab Notion page title and page content

Hello my question is simple.

I have a database in notion.
In that database I’m storing simple pages with a title and inside the page content I add some text for and email or for an article.

Now I need to grab from the Database Item Id (which is also the Page ID) the title and the page content, but both “Grab a Database ID or Grab a Page” return me only my title with no access to the page content.

How can I get the page content and not only the title ?

Here is a example of the properties I can access. I have my title starting with “how to…”

But my page content that start with “For installing…” is not seen anywhere.

Thank you for your help.

I think you should use the module Get a Page Content.

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Hello, this is not better, as I have the title, but nothing is completed in the fields.

Same problem for me. I found that if I use the module “List Page Content”, I can have the content but the problem is that it appears by collection/Bundle. Each bundle is a block in the page. So to have my full content I should browse all blocks to retrieve data (paragraph, heading 2, heading 3, etc…) from the page content.
So I still don’t know how to do this :smiling_face_with_tear:
Help would be great.

Looks like this bundle (#3) doesn’t have a heading or the data is not formatted well; hence it doesn’t classify the heading properly.

Raise a support ticket for further investigation in your scenario.

The bundle 3 has no heading because it’s a paragraph. As I said, each block is represented by a bundle so for exemple, if I have a text like this

first paragraph of my text

second paragraph of my text

first heading

third paragraph of my text

it will be represented in a array containing 4 bundle. The first on will be a parameter and the third, will be a heading.

oof still no solution?

It would be great to have the answer… it’s something so basic and yet so complex

Any update on this topic. I have the same problem :slight_smile:

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Had similar problem, wanted to copy whole page content and paste it to another. In the end I used raw api call (had to play with it a bit…) and used response in next step to create content. Hope that helps you a bit.


You’re an absolute legend! I’ve been beating my head against this seemly simple problem for a week with no luck, and your api call solution worked perfectly. Thank you so much for posting it!

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Did you come up with a way to get next level children as well? For example, if you have a toggle or a checklist with indented items that are children of children.