Use proxies with HTTP requests

Hey all,

I’m wondering if someone knows a way how to use proxies paired with HTTP requests on Make.

In my particular use case, I’m uploading mp4’s to Imgur via direct API request. But on some days the 10 vids I upload go through without any problem, on other days, I get slammed with 429’s all over the place. Even from the 1st upload of the day.

After testing this with Python scripts on my local pc with the same API creds, my current train of thought is that Imgur is rate limiting the IP’s used by Make.

So I’ll need to push the upload either through a proxy or a VPN to overcome it. N8N has this out of the box, but in Make I don’t see similar options.

N8N HTTP settings

I don’t want to be using other (local) tools to overcome this issue, but I don’t see how I can get this to work with Make. So any ideas or suggestions would be more than welcome :wink:

Create a support ticket so our dev team can look into it.