Use speech-to-text, ChatGPT with Integromat

Here is a Medium Post I wrote about using speech-to-text, ChatGPT and Make

Post Here


Here is a summary of the blog post:

  • The author was inspired by an Upwork job ad to create a voice note taking application that sends the audio to ChatGPT for speech-to-text breakdown, and then sends the list of tasks to Trello and notifies the assistant on Facebook.
  • The author created a simple voice recorder app and a Make (formerly Integromat) scenario to automate the process.
  • The Make scenario first sends the audio file to Google Drive, then downloads it, and finally sends it to ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT uses the whisper-1 model to process the speech into text, and the author provides a prompt to break down the text into tasks.
  • The final step is to send the formatted list of tasks to the desired destination.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • This project demonstrates how to use Make to automate tasks involving multiple applications.
  • It also shows how to use ChatGPT to convert speech to text and break down text into tasks.
  • The author provides the code for the voice recorder app, which can be modified and used for other projects.

Overall, this is a well-written article that provides a detailed overview of how to create a voice note taking application that sends the audio to ChatGPT for speech-to-text breakdown. The author does a good job of explaining the steps involved in the process and provides helpful code snippets. I would recommend this article to anyone who is interested in learning more about automation or natural language processing.


I followed your article and extended it to also include a GPT response to what was being said, so now it’s similar to ChatGPT, but using voice input:


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@Rafael_Sanchez thanks a lot for sharing your post with the community. It’s incredibly valuable, especially considering how often our users have been curious about speech-to-text lately.

And thanks so much @samliew for stepping in and providing a summary of the article! This is super helpful since it helps us understand why we should click the link that has been shared.

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Hey, @samliew and @Michaela Thanks for taking the time to check out my article and give nice feedback about it.

I hope to continue contributing to this great community

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Hi there @Rafael_Sanchez Interesting I would to share an article I also wrote about this in video format:

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Is there a JSON file to upload as a scenario? I’d like to try this out.


Helo @Natala Here you have a blueprint from the scenario.
blueprint (2).json (56.0 KB)


Thanks so much ! Working on getting this set up now!