Using Google OAuth2 Connection to Youtube API failed : 401 error


I’m trying to upload a video to Youtube using the “Make an OAuth 2.0 request” module.

I’ve configured everything in Google Cloud Console and make the HTTP OAuth v2 request like that :

As a result, I’m able to get my scope validated, so it looks like the Google authentication is ok :

Now I’m using this connection to make the Youtube Upload API call like that :

At the end, I’ve got the following error returned by the “” module :

“data”: “{\n "error": {\n "code": 401,\n "message": "Unauthorized",\n "errors": [\n {\n "message": "Unauthorized",\n "domain": "youtube.header",\n "reason": "youtubeSignupRequired",\n "location": "Authorization",\n "locationType": "header"\n }\n ]\n }\n}\n”

Any idea ?


Hello @Julien_Menard,

Just taking a shot here, but for the account you’re signing in to Google with, have you already created a YouTube account?

If your Google account is associated to one or more YouTube accounts, or none at all, there must be a way to identify to which YouTube account you want to upload the video.

Good luck with the search for your solution!