Using Make for new social media (Threads, Cohost, Bluesky etc)

Right now we’re in an age of a million new social media groups, like Cohost, Bluesky and Instagram’s Threads App.

I run a bunch of accounts, currently posting fun content across Twitter, Mastodon, Tumblr and Instagram daily. I’d love to have this occur on as many places as possible, as I imagine other would too!

These generally don’t have very accessible APIs, but there are other ways around getting around these when making a direct bot, but I’m not sure if anyone has done similar on Make.

Anyone care to share if they’ve had these social platforms work through Make in some fashion?

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Hey Ryan,

Have you found any solutions for this? I would be interested in trying to figure something out together here. I currently have something built personally that posts to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group all in one scenario. But, I would really like to expand it to get more reach. Have you found anything for threads or other social channels?

Afraid not! I’ve currently been posting some stuff directly through Threads and Bluesky, but it’s a real hassle!

Also had the issue where I had stuff posting through to Instagram, but since the stuff I was posting (GIFs from video games) was “not stuff I owned”, it flagged it on Instagram and banned the accounts, and then meant I couldn’t even post to Threads. So had to make new accounts for Threads only!

Some people have figured out ways to make bots on Bluesky with this:

Now, how would I use that with Make?

I have to admit, I can’t believe Make still hasn’t done this.

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Hi @here

Thank you for bringing this up here in the communty :pray:

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