How to post to Bsky.App (Blue sky)

Hi there!

I want to post to Bluesky /
There is no integration yet (hope to get one soon) so I need to create some HTTP requests.
Did someone already connected to MAKE?
I’d really love to seen an example so I don’t have to start from scratch.

Here’s the API for further reference (if I have to do it myself).


Maybe I’m the frist person to connect these tools? So I wrote a short tutorial on how to post to Bluesky ( from
Connect Bluesky and for new posts - Jans Weblog


Hey @jantheofel :wave:,

just wanted to jump in and virtually pat you on the back for the great job you did while dealing with this struggle. :muscle:

Thank you very much for coming back and sharing your progress here with us. This way we keep our community organized and neat for other users.

Keep up the great work! :tulip:


Short Update: This tutorial ist still missing the handling of links. I’ll add this in a further blogpost.

Would love to integrate this. Do you have any success in posting images too?

I didn’t try yet but it’s the next thing I want to do.

Watching with interest :slight_smile:

Hi! I’ve made this Make integration for Bluesky:

This link will let you use it for the moment but in should be public in a few days as Make approved the integration.

Reminder: you’ll have to subscribe to our service on to use Unshape or you’ll get an error when connecting!

Thibault - from Unshape