O auth integration advice

Hey Everyone,

I’m really struggling to see the path to how to achieve what I’m looking to do and hoping to get some help/advice.

I am creating an application in bubble that helps you manage the monitoring and errors in your automations across platforms like make, zapier etc. As part of this I want a user of the app to be able to click a button to o auth and integrate their make instance. I’m having trouble finding documentation on how I could go about this, or even the proper steps. I found a lot of documentation for the other way around, but could really use a point of view on how to accomplish this. I have successfully interacted with the rest api etc, but I’m really just stuck on this authentication for a user is my app to connect and integrate their make account. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

Hey @AirBuild_Consulting , there is no oAuth for the Make API integration.
Your users will have to create an API key and add this so you can make API calls.

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thank you makes sense I can do that from here then!

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