Integrating Make (OAuth) to App

Hi all, I’m new to Make and have a question.

I’m looking to create a app that would allow a user to log in to their Shopify account and manipulate their Shopify products through their app.

What is the recommended scenario setup in Make? How do I get a user to log in through OAuth and then retrieve a user’s Shopify products to the app? What is the secure way for a user to log in with their Shopify credentials?

Welcome to the Make community!

You might not need Make for this since you could probably create the auth/integration on the Bubble app.


If I create the auth/integration on the Bubble app, how would I trigger a scenario in Make? Do I need to pass any token when calling an endpoint from Make?

You shouldn’t need to use Make then, Make is for connections that you can create for your own accounts.

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So if I want to build an app using bubble, for users to log in to their own Shopify account and then trigger scenarios, that’s not possible?

The no-code nature of was good for creating multi-step backend processes so I was hoping to create a SaaS using