How To Install Make As a Shopify Staff Member?

Hi there!

How do I connect my client’s Shopify store to the app Make?

Context: I’m building a marketing agency that caters to Shopify stores, and in the app Make, I need to configure different Shopify stores.

What I did to test it:
In Shopify, I invited myself as a staff member and activated these permissions:

  • Manage and install apps and channels
  • Approve app charges
  • View apps developed by staff and collaborators
  • Develop apps

None of these helped - If I wanna configure Shopify within the app Make (with the above permissions enabled), I keep getting the message “Your account does not have permission to grant the requested access for this app”

Haven’t got a reply from Shopify yet, but I can imagine they’ll tell me to ask this on Make’s end.

I think only the owner or developer account with the required permission can install the app on Shopify.

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