Can't connect my shopify store


I’ve been using Integromat (make) for quite sometime know and It’s the first time I run into this problem.

Now whenever I try to get data from a product I get this error:

[API] This action requires merchant approval for read_products scope.

Aparently I need to increase the scope of the API in order to get data from the products.

In order to do that I need to create a new connection and increase the scope but I need to have access to the client ID and the client secret tokens from my shopify store…But I don’t know where to find those tokens.

I tried by creating a personlized app in my shopify store but they don’t give me those specific tokens, they just give me the API key and some other tokens that are not the ones make asks for.

Does anyone know how to get those tokens from a shopify store?

I don’t really understand what’s the point of limiting the scope, this kind of stuff didn’t happend when make was integromat…

I’ve had this exact same issue when I try to update contacts in Hubspot.

English is not my mother tongue so I apologize in advance for any grammatical mistakes.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Michael_Lara, I had a similar issue. What worked for me is just to go to the “connections” tab in the menu and re-authorise the connection.


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