Using multiple iterators in a row

Hi there,

I have a Google Sheets where submissions from forms are being entered. Some colums contain comma separated values like “123, 321, 213”. I use iterators and the SPLIT function to have those entered as separate values in another sheet.

The problem is that when I use 3 iterators in a row (because I have 3 columns with comma separated values), the iterators use up a lot of operations while the operations are the same.

How can I avoid this?

Can someone please help me?

I need different fields in the Google Sheet to be iterated but because there is 3 fields to be iterated in the first iterator, the second iterator runs 3 times and then the third runs 9 times.

There’s nothing I can find online. I might just be very stupid with this but I can’t seem to figure it out.

This is super inefficient on operations. :frowning:

Use 1SaaS Python or JS to split and separate this - just 1 operation cost for as many lines as you want too. That is the easiest way to do.


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Thanks a lot. Problem is I am not familiar with either. I don’t really know code. :confused:

Could you share a link or something that shows how to do this?

Hello @Leon_Botzen thats why its low-code and no-code :slight_smile:

Any how this should help you or some freelancer. Feel free to contact us if you need a little consultation how to build this.