Validate email from CSV column in Create JSON

Hello, community,

I have a file that I’m converting to CSV. Column 10 is where the email address is contained. Unfortunately, I don’t control the source of the file and sometimes the email address is incomplete because the sender system doesn’t validate that the email is valid and fits in the allocated space (36 characters max).

I’m attempting to find a way to verify the email without using additional paid services like Mailgun or ZeroBounce. Is it possible to use a regex inside a JSON module, so that I can use an if-statement to pass it, if it is valid, and ignore/emptystring it, if it isn’t valid?

Taking suggestions :slight_smile:

You could use a ChatGPT module to verify this. Ask it to look at the email and determine if it’s valued, then respond with “true” or “false”. I’ve recently done this with verifying domains and it works great.



Hi use the filter and Use or conditions to filter out the results you can put all condition that you think is the the valid email for you !!

thank you


I ended up using router filters and match pattern. Thanks, all.


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Just wanted to jump in and congratulate you on solving this one with the help from @andyoneil and @CodexSolutions. I’m glad to see that you got the ball rolling. :+1:

Thank you very much for getting back to us and sharing your solution here. We honestly appreciate that you kept us in mind and shared the additional information. This way it’s easier for other users to look for solutions and it keeps the community neat and tidy :broom:.

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