Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). Missing value of required parameter ‘name’

Hello everybody!

I’ve created a sync beetween my board Clientes and a Mailchimp database customers.

Basically, everytime a pulse on monday is created in my dashboard, it’s sent into the Mailchimp suscriber list database. Here’s what it look like :

There are two steps from Monday module that creates “add a subscriber” and “create contact”

So the issue is, “create contact” is all right but “add a subscriber” is not working and always is showing the error “missing value” it is using the same label of data used in “create contact” module. The label is “name”

on the mailchimp module the same label just doesnt read any data but it is returned from Monday

I tried another solutions in this community, doesnt work, i tried to update the APIs and connections but still doesnt work. Only works for a few records when i set the starting date directly from one element but after some records working fine, starts sending the same error.

Hope you can help me. Sorry about my english redaction.

Hi @mpalma

This issue arises when a mapped parameter has no value. Therefore, please examine the problematic item that contains an empty value within the mapped item.

To solve your issue, you can utilize a filter (Allow only if the parameters exist).

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There is no empty value. The second module runs with no errors and it is using the same value required in the first module.

I´ve added the filter and the error persist

Hi @mpalma

I think to get more details about the error want to analyze the scenario. However, please check any mandatory fields with in and that might be missing.