Need help in Ringcentral and integration

Hi there,

I tried to integrate ringcentral and for all calls received in ringcentral, it will add an item in

I am getting proper data from ringcentral but in, I am getting the validation error parameter missing:name.

Below is the SS of the same. Please help.

Hi @Peter_Wilcox,

From the error message, it appears that a required parameter, “name,” is missing. It might be an issue with the data being passed through. To better assist you, can you please share screenshots of the parameters you’ve set in the Monday module? This will give us a clearer idea of what might be causing the error.

Glenn - Callinetic

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Sure. I am attaching the SS of settings as well as logs here.

Regarding the error message you’re receiving, it appears that the “Form name” from RingCentral is not set. Can you please check the outcome of that app and verify if the variable is available? It would also be helpful if you could take a screenshot of the output and blur any sensitive data.

Glenn - Callinetic

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Hi Glenn,

I realized that I have not added Get Call Details module so I added that but now the problem is I am not able to understand to which field shall I map Call Record Id.

Can you please guide me. I am sending the output bundle of the Watch all calls module. I tried with different parameters but its shows validation error or resource not found error.

Thanks in advance.

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