Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). Missing value of required parameter 'url'

My scenario keeps failing at BinaryGetter, with the message “Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). Missing value of required parameter ‘url’.”

The scenario is a template, yet it keeps failling.
Don’t know how to fix it, hopefully someone can help thanks!

Leaving the scenario setup here, while also including a picture of where it fails.

As I can see from the images shared the URL field in the HTTP module has a mapping issue( indicated by a light blue box instead of a solid blue box) that’s why it is throwing an error.

Can you provide the image of the output bundle of RapidAPI for which you are mapping values to BinaryGetter?



Don’t know if this is what you are looking for, I am very new to the platform, thanks for the help though! Got 2 screenshots for you to make sure you get what you need:

from the screenshot you shared, the URL is not being returned from the RapidAPIGetMP3 as the API key that you are using is not valid/wrong, thus the output of that module is 401, Invalid API key, Once you fix that the scenario should run as expectedly.


Ahh I see now, thanks.

However it seems that I do not really know how to do it still, I can’t see the whole link so I don’t know where to go and besides that I can’t see anywhere how I should connect with an API in the module

For this what you can do is, Right Click on the HTTP module(RapidAPIGetMP3 ) that is returning the data, and also please make sure that you have Parse Response set to true.

After right click, Use Option Run this Module only, that should now give you the URL, for the variable url that Make will ask for it to run, you can pass any sample URL that you want, once it is run successfully, you can then map the result of HTTP module in other scenario.