Value from a PDF to a cell in existing Google Sheets document

Hello all, i am fairly new to
I have the goal that i can automate a bank statement that i get via mail as a PDF.
The goal is that the pdf file from Gmail is taken, uploaded in Google Drive. This is easy and i have it.
I am now struggling with the part how i can read the part of a PDF and send this value to Gsheets?

What can i do here? I found an option with to convert it to a CSV, but then im stuck as i dont know any further from a csv stored in my Gdrive.

I prefer do do it with tools that are free of charge.

Is there a way to do so?


hey @danielk

If it would work for you to help you get the values you want from the CSV, you can use the CSV - Parse CSV module:


Else, you may need to consider apps like Eden AI to extract text from the PDF: