Values and name mapping / lookup

Hi there! Can we create a scenario at acting like a VLOOKUP in Google Sheets? I have a table with approx 100 records in this structure :

Value Slug Name
5 marketing-public-relations Public Relations
6 marketing-content-copywriting Content / Copywriting
7 marketing-ecommerce eCommerce

My scenario is getting “Value” from making an HTTP request. How can I transform this Value into a Name in this case? In Google Sheets, I would use function =VLOOKUP(“5”; A: C;3), but I am looking now for a solution like this in not to create a 100 Text parse – Replace modules.

It is a basic stuff, you can use the Search Rows module and use specific column search.

Hi @GrowwStacks, thanks for the tip! I have developed it slightly, and now, using Search Rows Advanced + adding a row with the result of the previous step works great for me! I am leaving this one for future hunters for a solution:

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