Values in mapped fields show up blank after testing module?

Hi I’m somewhat new to Make (came from zapier) and have noticed that a lot of my modules show blank values in the mapped fields after I load test data.

To explain a different way

  1. I will run my trigger module to detect the incoming data (this is successful)

  2. In my next module, I will select the mapped fields, then run this modul only

  3. But what ends up happening is, the test shows blank data and therefore I get the bundle validation error where it says my fields are empty.

I have no idea what’s going on, and how to fixt this. Can anyone offer any suggestions or have experienced this before?

Thank you!

Here are the screens:

1: after trigger module has accepted incoming data, I’m mapping it for module #2

2: I’m about to run module #2, see the correct mappings, but those values are blank

  1. After seeing the results, the values of my mapped fields are blank. In this module, I am creating a customer in stripe, which it does, but the name and email is blank.

  1. This is the error message I’ll get for certain testing of modules that have certain required fields (creating a draft invoice for example, which requires a customer ID)

Hi @cartandcraft,

welcome to Make-Land! I’m glad you sailed over here!

To me it seems like you are running the modules manually. In this case you’ll also set the data manually. The data is only mapped if you run the whole scenario.

Your second screenshot actually shows the input fields. Please put the test-email & test-company name there to get a success.



I see, I did not know I needed to input the values manually. Let me try it, thank you for your response!


It seems you’re presently manually running the modules. In this situation, you’ll also have to manually enter the data. Data mapping will only take place when you run the entire scenario. In one of the screenshots, you can observe the options to input the email and company details. Please provide the email and name in those fields, and then give it a try.