Very Newbie Question - where to find details on errors?

I am just getting started here I am familiar with coding and data constructs, and previously used Zapier, so I get the basics.

I am just doing my first scenario – should be super simple, copy one row from MSExcel to Google Sheets.

I can see the data in the first step – output shows my line. However there is an error on the Google Sheets side. I have installed the Extension on the google sheets.

I get this error.
Collection can’t be converted to text for parameter ‘0’.
It is once for each of my data elements.
Both spreadsheets have the same header and I have mapped my data and am using ‘raw’ so no validation occurs.

Previously I tested the excel to google calendar sample template(same google & MS account) that worked splendidly.

Obviously the data isn’t being passed to Google Sheets so I must be missing something really simple. On the excel side it is ‘watch for a row’ and on the google sheet side it is ‘add a row’.

Thanks for any tips. I have to assume it is something super simple as it is only two steps.

Hi @DufordCPA
I’d appreciate if you could share some screenshots of how you set those up, most importantly the Google sheet.

Based on the error text, it looks like that Excel is returning a collection (which is very unusual) and you are mapping the collection instead of variable/value to Google sheet.

Here are the screen shots.