"Watch Emails" trigger on demand don't work

Hey there. I’ve created a workflow that is supposed to trigger when I receive an email.

I’ve tried both Gmail and Microsoft 365 “watch email” triggers on demand and neither work.

When I click “Run once” to test, they gather the data they are supposed to… But not automatically when I receive an email…

And yes, the scenario is ON!

Try other options for Scheduling as On Demand means from Make documentation,

With the On demand scheduling option, your scenario is waiting to be triggered by an API call or the Run once button. The scenario does not have any schedule and it does not run unless you start it manually.

As you are using Watch Trigger i.e ACID, It won’t immediately trigger, and using On Demand, it has to be either triggered from an API call through Make API or need to be run manually. Try changing it to, Immediately(if available) or at a fixed interval i.e every 15 minutes.

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Thanks for such a fast response! “Immediately” isn’t available but apparently is what I’m looking for. 15minutes is a long time, I want immediate action! My leads will be expecting immediate action. Will look into the documentation I guess

As I said previously, It depends on the nature of the Module, since it has ACID instead of INSTAT tag in the Module, I am pretty sure that it won’t be available for you to use for this specific module.