Watch Emails vs Get Emails


Does the “Watch Emails” module work like a mailhook/webhook?

When I’m sending an email to the mail address specified, the scenario does not run. Only when in (manually) run the scenario I’m getting an excecution.

So I don’t understand the difference between “Watch Emails” and “Get Emails”, how can I make it work like a mailhook/webhook?


The watch email module is a normal API-based module that runs on a set schedule and checks new entries by created time.

However, if you want to use the Mailhook or Webhook then use the Webhook module in Make.

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Hi. When you use a Custom Mailhook you wil get a email address like “” and you must send (or forward from your emal provider) that messages you want use in your scenario to this email address. And once the message is sent to the mailhook, the scenario (if is active) will run automatically.

The Watch emails works different, based on the time trigger scheduled (every X minutes, hours etc). So only on the time scheduled or when you run manually you will get the messages from your email provider mailbox linked.

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Thanks, so as far is I can see, there is no difference between “Watch Emails” and “Get Emails”.

The Watch Emails will watch for all new emails with given criteria. The Get Emails will get all the emails that match the criteria regardless if they are new or not.