Watch Messages Module (Microsoft Teams) - Pass TeamID & ChannelID params dynamically

Hi All,

We recently started building workflows using MAKE.

We are working on Microsoft Teams integrations with our web application.
One of the use case is to ‘Watch Messages’ in Teams Channel, and push that message into our platform, and its great that MAKE already has this Watch Trigger module.

However, the tricky part is to trigger this Watch Message module based on output of another scenario, which also output params needed for this Watch module.

Our use case for above dynamic invocation of ‘Watch Messages Teams’ module is,

  • Creating channels on the fly in another scenario
  • And want to pass that created TeamID & ChannelID to this Watch Messages module, in this scenario (or if we can make it work, can attach these modules in that another scenario)

I would like to know if this is possible to achieve as expected.
Else, any alternatives to achieve the same ?

Greatly appreciate your responses, and your expert inputs

How about creating a GitHub issue after the “watch messages” trigger is initiated and then have another scenario respond to the instant trigger of a new GitHub issue being created? You can pass data from the first scenario in the GitHub issue title and body. I’m no expert, but this is how I managed to make my workflow work between different scenarios.

Hey @Marcel1 ,

Thanks for your reply.
I dont follow your answer though, my question is about ‘Microsoft Teams’ “Watch Messages” module, and I want to pass the TeamID & ChannelD params (ref. my screenshot) dynamically to this module.