Watch posts for WordPress is not working

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I just launched a new “Flow” that is suppose to get article from my draft in wordpress, reformulate those article and then publish them. The problem is, sometimes the “watch post” didn’t work for no reason, i have no error message but the watch post didn’t detect any new draft post while there are.

Any idea?

Hi @Romain - welcome to the Community.

Three things to check:

  • Your scenario is set to run every Saturday at 12 noon. Unless you run it manually using the Run once button, it won’t run at any other time. Try running it manually after adding a post and see what happens.
  • Check the History on your scenario. If you click the back arrow to the left or your scenario name, you’ll see a tab named History. Click the Details button and then click the first item in the list, which will be Watch posts. That will confirm the Output bundle that the Watch posts module found.
  • Check when the Watch posts module is starting from. In the scenario builder screen, right click on Watch posts and select Choose where to start. It should be set to From now on.

If none of those steps help, please left-click on the Watch posts module and reply with a screenshot of the module configuration.



Thanks for the answer,

  • i runned it manually to check if my flow worked, forgetted to say it sorry.

It didn’t found anything

-The module is set to From Now On

Here is the screenshot

Thanks. So you’re watching for Articles (not posts or pages) that have been added as Drafts (and not published).

Can you click on the “1” in the bubble just to the top right of your Watch Posts module that appears when you click the Run once button and show the results?



This is what happen

I’m afraid I’m out of ideas :worried:

Best next step would be to raise a support ticket here. Include a link to this Topic so that they can easily see what’s been tried already.


Thanks a lot anyways :), i’ll try to contact the support