Watching iOS reminders from a specified list

I’m trying to watch iOS reminders from one specific list. Since the “Apple iOS - Watch reminders” module doesn’t let me specify a list, I figured I’d just filter the tasks for the list of interest.

However, I’m not seeing the “list” attribute of a reminder as an option for filtering… only “Title”, “Start date”, “Due date”, “Alarm”, “Priority”, and “Notes” (see screenshot).

Am I missing something obvious, or is this really not possible? It would certainly be surprising if iOS Reminders didn’t share the “list” attribute of a given reminder with Make!

I searched among previously asked questions, and it looks like someone essentially asked about the same thing back in 2021. But I’m assuming the answer is outdated or something, since filtering by iOS calendar lists doesn’t appear to be possible right now either.

Thanks in advance!


I’m running into a similar issue. I want to create a filter that only allows newly created or edited reminders. If I mark a reminder complete, it creates a whole new task in my notion