Watching Zendesk view to send messages in Slack not sending if the ticket numbers are out of order

Hi All,

I have a flow which sends a message to a slack channel if a zendesk ticket is saved with a certain picklist value (e.g. picklist is saved as “send to slack”). I’ve done this by watching new tickets in a view in zendesk that only displays tickets with “send to slack”. So this works pretty well.

The main issue is it doesn’t send the message if the order of ID numbers is mixed up. For example, if I “send to slack” ID:100 then the integration won’t fire when I “send to slack” ID:99. I’m not sure why. ID99 would be new to the view, but it seems ot matter what the ID is.

I’ve included a picture but the only bit that isn’t working as expected is the watch ticket

Anyone come across this before? Any fixes?

You’re going to have to show us exactly where in the scenario this breakdown occurs. What’s the Id? Where is it coming from and why?

Sure, so the ID comes from Zendesk. Each ticket has an ID and it increases by one for each ticket created. I display this ID so people can find the ticket a slack message is referring to in Zendesk.

The view that Make watches only looks at new tickets. I think the issue is around how new tickets in a view are defined. The view only includes tickets with a certain tag. When I add the tag it should send the message. However, if a higher ID number is already in the view then if I add the tag to a lower ID number it won’t trigger and send the Slack message

There’s no Make error to share. The

I’ve made a work around.

  • Watch all tickets in the zendesk view
  • search for matching Slack messages using the ticket ID
  • Filter out and stop if there’s already a matched message in slack for that ticket ID

Going to test this out, but figure it’ll be more resource intensive