Watermark with Cloudconvert

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I try to add watermarks with cloudconvert.
Unfortunatlely the “Create a job” cloudconvert module does not have the operation watermark (as well as others operations :pensive: cf screenshots).
Instead of using a cloudconvert module, do you think it will be possible to use an other module (HTTP module?) where I could insert a Raw Request Code generated with the online Job Builder cloudconvert tool?
An other way could be to use the cloudconvert watermark API but I didn’t manage to succeed with when I try to use it in Make.

Thanks for helping


I was looking for the same thing, I searched the forum and when I saw your post… I was so disappointed there were no suggestions.

Were you able to do that in the end ?

Thank you!

You may have to use the http module
Then configure the HTTP module with the below

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I succeeded by using Cloudinary, the free plan is very large!

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Hello. I use cloudinary like you. but my file name changed to random. I want to keep the original file name, how do I do it?.
Thank you