Webflow automation -> If an article is being published, then send the publication date to a Google sheet


I’m pretty new with Make.com.
My goal is pretty simple (I believe).
I have a website in Webflow with one particular collection I want to get data from.

I’d like the automation flow to look at this collection.
If any article goes from status “Draft” to “Published”, then it should takes the Article Title and send it to a Google Sheet along with the publication date.

The issue I have right now is whether I use the module “Watch Event” or “Get an Item” the module requests the item ID, which is gonna be different depending if the above condition is fulfilled.

Appreciate any kind of help on this matter.
Thanks a lot

I recommend using the “Watch Event” or “List an Item” modules over the “Get an Item” module because they do not require an ID. Please inform me if you encounter any issues after implementing these modules.

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Thank you for your reply @Manish_GrowwStacks , indeed “Get an item” is not linked to a particular ID.
However “Watch Event” only trigger a generic “item update”. Is there any way to trigger a particular action within this module? For instance in my case it would be an article goes from “Draft” to “Published” to trigger the action. Any way to adjust the flow? Sorry if the question seems a bit basic

Hi @Dale2,

Welcome to the Make community!

Could you please share screenshots of the module fields, filters, and output bundles in question? It would really help other community members to see what you’re looking at.

You can also export the blueprint file to allow others to replicate the issue. At the bottom of the scenario editor, you can click on the three dots to find the Export Blueprint menu item.


Uploading it here will look like this:

blueprint.json (123.4 KB)

Could you please provide the input/output bundles of the the modules by running the scenario, then clicking the bubble on the top-right of each module and copying the contents:


This will allow others to better assist you. Thanks!


Hi @samliew I’m still at the stage of building the automation flow.
So I don’t have any concrete output to share at the moment.
However, I can share the modules that I’m trying to setup as per your guidance.

To summarise, our CMS Webflow has a status system for articles.
I would like the automation script to watch when any articles goes from Status is Draft to Status is Published.
However in the modules “Watch Event” or “Get an item”, I could not find any trigger linked to what I just mentioned above. The only trigger is “item update” which can be any item update not only a change in status.

Hope it makes sense.

blueprint.json (3.1 KB)

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Hello, @Dale2. It appears that you need to activate the webhook when an article transitions from the “Draft” status to “Published.” To achieve this, you should investigate whether it’s possible to implement the webhook within the status change process. If that’s feasible, all you have to do is attach the webhook to the status change event and employ a webhook module that will trigger the necessary data when an article moves from “Draft” to “Published.”

Hi @ManishMandot

I didn’t find this particular status change within the Webflow webhook module so I would assume it’s not possible this way.
Thanks again for your help.