Webflow form submission to airtable base

I’m trying to send my form submission to an airtable base, then have that newly created record (e.g. - a text message) sent back into the published webflow UI (e.g. - the chat conversation) without refreshing the site (i.e. - similar to a single page chat application).

I’m brand new to automation, and I’m a beginner in airtable and webflow.

Is this even possible without writing any code?

Please let me know what I need to provide. Here is the prototype: https://e-chat.webflow.io/

Hey @Andrew,

This is unfortunately not natively possible with Webflow right now. It needs to refresh the page to show new CMS entries. You may want to look into plugins for chat functionality, or perhaps continue with a no-code tool for web apps, like Bubble.

Thanks for your quick response Noah! I should’ve added that I saw this YouTube video here.

Where he seems to use a little JavaScript code to achieve the effect I’m looking for. I’d just rather not use zapier. I also tried bubble and you can’t export the code. Also, it doesn’t seem as polished as webflow from front end perspective.

Thanks again

I don’t see anything in the custom code he’s using that would make the items appear without refreshing the page. I think he probably did refresh the page, but that it isn’t visible because of how the video is edited. Other than that, everything he’s doing can easily be achieved with Make instead of Zapier.

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Ahhhh I see. Ok thanks Noah!

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