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Hi. I have a number of online forms that send the data submission to Make via a webhook. The data goes though a “validation” process before going to the main scenario - currently i have separate scenarios but this means when i update the validation I have to update it across all scenarios. Instead i want to create a validation scenario which then sends the data to the respective scenario after it has been validated. The problem is the forms all contain different data fields. My question is is it possible to send “all data” from a webhook as opposed to the the individual fields (note i know how to send the data between scenarios).

You can do that by setting the Webhook “JSON Pass-through” to YES (it is “No” by default), when creating or editing a webhook.

Then, you will be able to map the entire JSON body payload in another module.

If you still need to reference the variables, you can then add a Parse JSON module.

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ah this looks perfect - exactly what i was looking for. Will give it a go.
Many thanks

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