Webhook data not parsing automatically

Hi, I’m pretty new to Make, but I’m a little confused about how my webhook triggers are functioning. I’ve setup a number of scenarios to receive webhooks from another system, and then use that data to create a record in HighLevel.

When I first set these up and tested them, it seemed to automatically parse the json string, making the data mappable to fields in the HighLevel module (I had the json pass-through option turned off). Now when I try to run them I get an error that the required parameters are missing at the HighLevel module, and when I view the test data, it’s not showing the values for my previously mapped fields. If I try to re-map it from the test data, it just shows the single JSON string with all of the data together and unmappable. I’m not sure what happened, but I hadn’t changed the settings from my original test. I’ve tried changing the various advance settings at the webhook trigger, but it’s always the same.

The docs made it sound like the webhooks were supposed to parse automatically, which is what I experienced initially, but then it stopped doing this. Any pointers as to what I’m missing (probably something obvious), would be really appreciated. I’ve found a workaround if I add a JSON Parser module after the trigger, but I’d prefer not to have to go back in and reconfigure all of my scenarios with this.

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  1. I am not sure how did you set the webhook, but maybe you enabled JSON pass-through which means that “If enabled, JSON payloads are returned as a string”, please check that here:
    Open Webhook->Press Edit button->Check the settings->JSON pass-through NO->Save

  2. You can use a Parse JSON module after the Webhook and should work after that.

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Yes, I had the webhook settings with JSON pass-thru turned off, but it still just passes everything as one string now. Like I was saying, when I first set it up, with the same settings, the webhook trigger was automatically parsing the string into mappable fields, so I don’t understand why this behavior would have changed. Any ideas?

Have you tried backing up your scenario and reverting to a previous version?
Or maybe just deleting and re-adding the webhooks module?


@dawntreader1 It could be the source of your data. If the system, API or anything which is sending this data is not correctly sending JSON, but for example text, Make would not recognize it as JSON and not parse it.
Could also be that the “content-type” header is not set, at the side of your source.


Thanks for the reply. If I add a JSON Parser utility after the webhook, it does parse the data out into mappable fields, which makes me think the source is sending JSON. Is there a way to add a “content-type” header to the webhook module to avoid having to add the parser?

This would be configured in the application that is sending the data, not on the Make side.


I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve been using Webhooks from one service for years through zapier and pipedream and it always parses. As soon as I switched the endpoint to Make it no longer parses and my only solution is to use double the operations by using the Json Parser. I’ve seen the raw data and I don’t understand why it’s going through in long-string format.

Hey @bradleyebyrd ,

In your webhook settings, make sure you don’t have “JSON pass-through” enabled. Then within the settings you can also enable the “Get request headers” and check what kind of headers they send. It could be again that the content-type is not set properly.