Webhook errors?

i have created a video in regards to the issue i am currently facing inside of a workflow:

Can anyone help me with this ?

Hi @Deo_Volente2.0 ,

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When you click the option Run this module only, you don’t need to set the names of your parameters. Instead, you should set some test data. The validation error you received is because ‘email’ is not a valid email value. If you put a valid email address, it should work.

Can you please share your results when you have done so?

Glenn - Callinetic

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check this out, just wanted to make sure i was reading your guidance correctly

check this out, i want to make sure i am following your guidance correctly

@Deo_Volente2.0 ,

Indeed, fill in the details how you would fill in the form. You’ll trigger the module and the data will be used to execute that action towards Highlevel.

Glenn - Callinetic